Meet These Trailblazers At

The Home For Marketers

Hear Advice From The Trailblazer Community

Getting Ready For Dreamforce?

You won't want to miss the top tips from these Dreamforce and Salesforce veterans.

Alana Galardo

MacAllister Machinery Co. Inc.
Head of Corporate Marketing

Hear from Alana, a Dreamforce veteran, about how to maximize your Dreamforce experience. Be sure to grab her important tips to ensure you make the most our of the week.

Kelli Meador

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

Still in doubt about visiting The Home For Marketers? Hear from Kelli about her experience last year at the HFM and what she is looking forward to this year.

Shonica Mitchell, MBA

Marketing Automation & Community Manager

Not sure how to plan your first time at Dreamforce? Hear from Shonica about her top tips (be sure to bring good shoes!) and experience being a first-time Dreamforce attendee.

Danielle Laffey

Principal, Insurance Solutions

With so many sessions happening at once, how do you ensure you successfully finish the week? Hear how she prioritizes her 5 W’s (What, When, Why…) in order to make sure she gets the most out of this experience.

Ben LaMothe

BDO Digital USA
Senior Solution Architect

Dreamforce has over 1500 sessions you can attend but what happens when you need a break? Listen to the insider tips (and other events) that happen outside of Dreamforce each year and how you can take advantage of them.

Jaime López

Senior Director, Marketing Operations

Do you know people from the Salesforce community that you never meet in person? In this short video, Jaime details the joyous feeling about finally attending Dreamforce in person, especially as an international attendee.

Paula Quiros

Cloud Coaches
Managing Director & CMO

Hear how Paula prepares for Dreamforce and how she loves the spirit of sharing and joy that so many Trailblazers share during Dreamforce and beyond!

Pato Sapir

Devs United
Founder & Technology Consultant

Pato shares how first-time Dreamforce attendees can break through the noise and make the most out of their first Dreamforce by planning ahead, attending the Home For Marketers, and be open to new opportunities.

Brandon Walton

Cypress Learning Solutions
President, Owner, Principal Consultant

Still on the fence about attending Dreamforce this year? Brandon shares incredible tips for maximizing your trip to San Francisco for accidental admins and job seekers alike, who will be going to Dreamforce for the first time.

Chris Zullo

Marketing Practice Director

Tune in to hear Chris’s favorite moments about Dreamforce and who he is looking forward to meeting this year at the event, He also shares his past experience at the HFM and how other marketers can benefit from attending.

Anthony Zupancic

Marketing Cloud Developer

Speaking at Dreamforce this year or know someone who is? Tony isn’t new to the Dreamforce stage. Take notes as he shares his tips on what speakers can do to prepare for Dreamforce and other speaking engagements.


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